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We service all Operating Systems: MS Windows | APPLE MAC (OSX / Server) | Linux | Unix...

We specialize in ALL software or hardware based RAID Arrays and Linux LVM RAID Arrays.

Priority and Discounts for: Anyone Medical Field Related or Seriously ill, Non-Profit Org., Students, Senior Citizens, Broadway Theatre Attendees, Fashion or Movie Industry Related, A-List Celebrities (We don't Celeb-Name-Drop), US Military / War Veterans, (some) US Government Agencies, etc.
Inside a healthy Hard Disk Drive

Are you missing Files or Data on your:

Media Players
Disc Medium
Analog or Digital Tape Storage

Let us get them back for you Today!

We recover from all Hard Drive brands:

APPLE - XServe Raid Racks, Buffalo, Drobo, Fujitsu, Glyph Tech., G-Technology, Hitachi (HGST), Iomega, IOSafe, LaCie, Maxtor, Mediasonic, Netgear, OCZ, OWC, PROMISE, QNAP , Quantum , Samsung, Seagate, StarTech, Synology, Toshiba, Western Digital, etc...

We recover from all Computer brands:

APPLE: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac, Power Mac, MAC Pro, Mac Mini Server, Mac Xserve Server, etc.
Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Alienware, Panasonic Toughbook, Asus, Acer, HP, etc...

We recover from all Memory Cards/Sticks:

Crucial, Delkin Devices, Eye-Fi, Kingston, Kodak, Lexar, Memorex, PNY, SanDisk, Transcend, Verbatim, etc...

We are highly experienced ( PC / MAC / LINUX ) Computer & Electronics Service Specialists based in New York City. We provide services for Home, Business, & Corporate Clientèle Worldwide! You can drop it off to us or we can pick it up from you*. Our goal is to provide our Customers with the best service in the industry.

Don't be fooled by people or Repair-Shops posing as "Data Recovery Specialists" to recover your precious files. When it comes to Hard Drive Data Recovery it is crucial that you minimize the possibility of causing more damage to your Hard Drive by turning the POWER OFF to the device immediately and bringing it to a Specialist. Don't try Data Recovery software unless a Professional says it's okay. Every Second Counts when your malfunctioning Hard Drive is powered up.


 Hard Drives store files on fragile "Disks/Platters" within them. The information is accessed by a floating "Head", which reads from and writes to these Platters by hovering over them on the thinnest gap of air imaginable. A Hard Disk Drive read/write Head hovers above its Platter's surface at a distance that is 5,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. It has been said that the read/write Head flying over the (Disk) Platter surface is like trying to fly a Jet Plane six inches above the Earth's surface. If the Hard Drive gets bumped somehow, the floating Head might hit the Platter and scratch it (a.k.a. A "Head Crash"). Depending on the G-Shock of the hit, the head might suffer a big enough blow that it stops floating over the Platter(s) and instead begins to scratch every part of the platter is comes in contact with. This will permanently destroy the contents of the platter (Your Files) and result to permanent data loss. No software or procedure will be able to restore data that has been destroyed in this manner.

 This is why it’s Key to bring your malfunctioning hard drive to a specialist from the start, so that (if need be) they can inspect it in a real Certified Lab (Clean-Room or Glove-Box) in order to prevent further damage to its precious platter(s). Running software on the Drive without inspecting its internal condition first will probably damage the Platters, making it almost impossible for even a specialist to recover anything.

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 Do not be persuaded by Data Recovery Software, Cheap Rates or a "FREE ESTIMATE" from just anyone off the Internet. Their (or your) experimentation with software on your Drive will very likely cost you your data in the end.

  From what we have witnessed, Amateurs and several Data Recovery "Companies" do not inspect the internal condition of your hard drive (when needed) before powering it up. Many actually try to take a guess as to how much money you are willing to spend without even knowing what’s wrong with it. They basically look at every client like "Another chance at the Jackpot Machine", where if they recover your files using software, they win your money and charge you up to 5 times the respected normal rate.
  If they under-estimated the cost/time required to recover your data, they may have the nerve to lie to you and say that "YOUR DRIVE IS NOT RECOVERABLE" instead of being honest and telling you that they just don’t know how to (or that they don’t want to) recover/do it for the price they initially quoted (because the real Data Recovery company they out-source it to is charging them a higher Rate and/or they won’t make a Profit).

 Most companies or people who post FLAT FEE Data Recovery rates Online, or on the phone, without actually seeing the Device prior, are very likely over-charging you or just pulling a BATE-AND-SWITCH to simply get as many people in the door.

 Hard Drives that are damaged by these "Expert Technicians" with their (insane/inexperienced/incompetent, Corner-Cutting/Winging-it) process, are either partially recovered (if they’re lucky) or rejected "FOR FREE !".  Then you'll get the "We were not successful" or "Recovery is not possible" without you ever knowing that it was their incompetence that prevented a successful Recovery. The damage they caused will very likely prevent the next company from recovering your files.

Another thing that these fly-by-night "companies" (and even big name Companies) do, is knowingly (or sometimes unknowingly) use Cracked (or even purchased) Software that have "BACKDOORS" and/or "TROJAN-HORSE VIRUSES" in them that may allow rogue Hackers to access these Computers and gain access to your files, as well as anyone else’s files that are on the Computer they are using. Most Technicians out-of-habit will install Data Recovery Software and recover files/data to the same computer that they use to go Online. This habit puts your recovered files and personal/confidential data at risk. This is something that we have witnessed with our own eyes.
e.g. Would you loan your House keys, Credit Card, Mobile Phone, Desktop, Laptop, pictures, video, etc... to some stranger on Craigslist or some random Computer Shop with questionable (cheap-labor) "Technicians" and "Security Measures"?

 Don't be fooled by YouTube Videos with demos of guys in ridiculous Hazmat suits... making pretend to work on a Hard Drive in a "Clean Room"... It's just marketing fluff. Simple Front-of-House marketing tactics. What matters is a Company's overall integrity. The real possession of the required professional Skills, Tools, Environment, Experience, Perseverance, and in turn, Results.

"FREE Estimate", "FREE Analysis", "FREE Evaluation", "No Data, No Charge"; - How much is your Data worth?

Please Note: Some (like us) may have proprietary equipment and methods that they use, which they might want to protect and withhold from competitors. In such situations it may be more appropriate for them to allow a limited glance of their Clean-Room System, or some other type of virtual Clean Room that they're using (e.g. a Certified Glove-Box).  IF THEY DON’T HAVE ONE, DON'T BOTHER.

Our Data Recovery Services:

 We can restore your data by conducting a series of tests (e.g. Hard Drive Diagnostics, etc.) on a Hardware and Logical Level, then if need be temporarily fix the issue, where we can gain access to your files or data. Once we gain access to the data, we might Image (or copy) the Hard Disk Drive for the data recovery attempt. Working with a copy of your Storage Medium keeps our recovery efforts as non-destructive as possible. Recoveries are done by well experienced Professional Recovery & Electronics Engineers, which have been conducting successful recoveries for over 20 years.

  RAID Data Recovery; NAS Data Recovery; Solid-State Drive Data Recovery; Mobile Phone Data Recovery; Digital Camera Memory Card Data Recovery; Digital Video Camera Internal Memory Data Recovery; USB Memory Stick Data Recovery; CD Data Recovery; DVD Disc Data Recovery; (3.5 / 5.25 inch) Floppy Disk and Mini-Disc Recovery are also in our areas of expertise.

Here are some RAID Servers we specialize in : Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers, IBM RAID Servers, and Synology Servers, External Raid Hard Drives & Networking Devices...    ( Expand Collapse )
Our experts have a lot of success in recovering data/files from virtually all APPLE Devices: MacBook Pro, MackBook Air, iPad, iPhone, MacMini, MacPro and Mac XSERV Servers...

  We get a lot of Cases where other companies have failed in recovering data off of a MacBook Pro, MacBook AIR, iMac, or MacPro. Our Engineers and Technicians have years of experience and are very tenacious/thorough when it comes to recovering files from MACs, other Computers and devices. MacBook Pro hard drive failures are very common since their internal Hard Drives get knocked-around when they are in your bag. Epic Data Recovery Labs makes data recovery possible in even the most hardest Cases. We can't stress enough that Data Recovery should only be attempted by well experienced Professionals, otherwise an amateur's actions may lead to Permanent Data Loss and make File Recovery impossible.

When needed, we diagnose the problem of your Hard Disk Drive in a real (Class 100 ISO-5) Professional Clean Room environment before attempting to operate it, and give you a real estimate without further jeopardizing the integrity of your data/files. From that point on we can give you an estimate to recover your files at a dramatic difference in price (compared to competitors with long wait times and up to 5 times the cost). We do our best to keep our company's operation cost down by spending more money on State-of-the-Art Equipment and situating our Lab in an excellent area in Queens, NY (New York City) and another Drop-off location in Mid-town Manhattan near Bryant Park (New York City).

   Our addresses are not listed because WE WORK STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! We first need to authorize and register you in our system, in order for you to send us something, or for you to come in to one of our locations. We will provide you with our addresses upon making your appointment or other arrangements. We will not accept any package sent to us if it hasn't been authorized by us prior. Our hours of operation are by (available) appointment only. This allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to Clients who have experienced data loss in the United States, and Worldwide (via POST / UPS / FEDEX, etc.).

Rates:  Free Data Recovery Estimate*. Free pick-up/drop-off service for Manhattan, some parts of Queens & Brooklyn *.
*(Note: Some pick-ups or Estimates may require a nominal Service Charge, and are subject to availability.  You will be notified of such charges upon scheduling. Shipping costs are the Customer's responsibility.)

Our Privacy and Security principles:

Your data is recovered in a highly secured Lab. Once your data is recovered (if it's not being worked on, and is accessible) it is locked up in a Safe. No one else will have access to it, nor will we disclose information found on the Storage Medium to anyone, unless: we are compelled to do so by Law, Subpoena, Court Order or similar Legal procedure; or when we believe in good faith that the disclosure of your personal (or other) information is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss towards someone; or we need to investigate a criminal act or violation of our Service Agreement; or we have your consent or direction to do so.

 A more thorough Service Agreement will be presented to you that includes our whole Privacy Policy as well as other Terms and Conditions that customers must agree to, prior to an appointment or any proceeding service.

Other Services:

- Recovery, Remastering & Conversion of analog or digital Tape Storage : Tape Backups, Cassette Tapes, Tape Reels, Security Surveillance Video and VHS (NTSC/PAL/SECAM).

- Restoration and Digital Remastering of Vinyl Records.
- Professional Audio Remastering of damaged recordings.

- Wide range of services for : Workstations, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Servers,  and Digital Content Creation / DAW Workstations :

*Design, Setup & Configuration  *Repair  *Optimization  *Upgrades  *Virus Removal & Prevention  *Network / WiFi: Security  *Loss Prevention and Property Recovery.

- Security Services :  We analyze Computers & Smart Phones for (known / unknown) Computer-Viruses, RootKits, Trojans, SpyWare, Malware, Ransomware, KeyLoggers... then manually remove them professionally. A service that Software/Competitors commonly cannot provide.

What separates us from the competition is that we deliver real results and expertise!
We take great pride in our work and make every effort to please our Customers.

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Service is available 24 Hours, 7 Days a week* and is charged at a higher rate past normal operating hours.
* Service is subject to appointment availability. Pick up service is only available within the five Boroughs of New York City. Extra service charge for pick-ups beyond the border of Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn.

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